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Some featured sites built with CMS Encore Pro:

Components 4 Developers
We want to be the best in delivering quality software solutions and components for Your benefit and for a fair price. Further we want to offer competitive expert consultancy for Your projects!

We have been in the business of development of advanced applications and tools for many years in many different hardware and software environments.

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The Fastcode Project
The Fastcode project provides highly optimized functions for the Delphi community. Functions are faster versions of Delphi runtime library functions, VCL functions or functions meant as extensions for these.

Functions can be written in assembler and use all the modern instruction sets, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, 3DNOW and 3DNOW+. Optimized functions for all modern processors are provided and also versions that will run at all older processors.

Using CMS Encore Pro, Dennis was able to automate the update of his site as well as use custom properties to indicate the status of the different challenges that are running on the site. Also the site navigation gets updated automatically as articles are added or removed from the site.

Dave Keighan's "Perpetual Newbie II" website
A very useful Encore resource with examples of how to build components and some very useful Tips and Tricks. This was one of the first sites developed with CMS Encore Pro and makes extensive use of CSS.

Dave does a good job of explaining some of the intricacies of using CMS Encore Pro.
His section on components is especially insightful.

The site menu navigation is a good example of what can be achieved with Encore and CSS.

IT-Expert on Call
An Information Technology business website, operated and owned by David Mozer.

This site is an example of how Encore can be used to generate a professional business website, that gets updated frequently.
Some functional highlights of this site is the way all of the navigational elements get built by Encore and the bread-crumb links.

Many aspects of the site were simplified by using "General Templates" which allowed for a measure of code-centralization.
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Here you will find some quick links to some of the functional areas of our website.

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