About this theme...
This is BlueIce, the first blog theme for CMS Encore Pro from BIIT Software Systems.

This theme is highly customizable allowing you to switch between predefined color schemes, or create to your own color scheme.

Also, this theme can display a summary of your entries allowing the user to click on the entry to see the full text, or you can configure the theme to always display the full text of your entries.

Read below to learn more about what this theme has to offer.

For more themes, visit the themes section of our website.

How this theme works
This theme is works by storing all of your blog entries into the "Home" channel/folder. Blog entries are displayed in descending order.

The right column entries are stored in the "RightColumn" channel/folder and are also editable.

Blog entries can also be custom-sorted by moving the individual entries up or down. The rightcolumn items like "About Me", "Favorites", etc, are blog entries as well which means that they can be edited and have more items added.

The rightcolumn items are stored in the channel/folder called "RightColumn". When you add blog entries, Encore assigns a date to the entry and displays this date with the entry automatically.

Adding new blog entries
Blog entries are articles that get entered into the "Home" channel/folder.
To add new entries, right click the "Home" channel/folder and select "New Content(Article)".

You then enter the title and text for the article. By default the most recently added entry will be displayed first, but you can manually arrange the entries as well.

If you have decided to only display the entry summary, then make sure to add some text to the "Summary" section when adding the entry. Usually the summary will be the first paragraph of the entry.

Also, the rightcolumn entries are themselves blog entries and are added via the "RightColumn" channel/folder.

Special styles
The built in stylesheet has some useful classes for the following items:

<!--BlueIce. This is what code looks like.
Surround any code-like text with this div and class-->

<div class="code">

And to use a quote, use the following...
<div class="quote">

as follows:
Redefining the boundaries of content management...

Customizing this theme
This theme can be fully controlled via its properties. The following properties have been defined:

To set these properties, select 'Edit|Edit Project...' from the main menu, or click the 'Edit Project / Properties' button on the main toolbar.

SiteName - The name of your blog.
PageTitle - The default title for the html pages.
CompanyName - Your company name.
CompanySlogan - Your company slogan
CopyrightYears - Copyright years
ContactEmail - Your contact email
Meta_Author - The meta keyword specifying the author of the site
Meta_Keywords - The meta keywords for the site
Meta_Description - The meta keywords for the site description
TimeZone - Your time zone, for example GMT+2
ShowFullArticle - "Y" or "N", if "N", then will only display the summary for an entry and a link to display the rest of the entry.
ShowArticleSummaryOnDetailPage - "Y" or "N", if "Y", then the article summary text will also be shown for the full article when displaying the articles detail page.
SortOrder - Defaults to Descending
ColorScheme - Predefined color schemes Green, Red or Blue
body_bg_color - Custom color
body_color - Custom color
Header_bg_color - Custom color
Header_border_color - Custom color
Header_color - Custom color
Content_border_color - Custom color
Content_bg_color - Custom color
Content_header_color - Custom color
Content_bold_color - Custom color
Content_color - Custom color
Content_seperator_color - Custom color
Content_date_color - Custom color
Content_link_color - Custom color
Content_link_hover_color - Custom color
Content_code_margin_color - Custom color
Content_code_bg_color - Custom color
Content_code_color - Custom color
Content_quote_seperator_color - Custom color
Rightcol_bg_color - Custom color
Rightcol_color - Custom color
Rightcol_border_color - Custom color
Image_bg_color - Custom color
Image_border_color - Custom color
Footer_color - Custom color
Footer_link_hover_color - Custom color

Changing color schemes
To change color schemes is very easy. You can choose from either "Red", "Green", "Blue" or "Custom" by modifying the "ColorScheme" property.
You can create your own color scheme by selecting the "Custom" option and modifying the following color property values:


BIIT Software Systems - BlueIce  2003-2005
Based on BlueIce template designed by Tetz available from http://www.oswd.org